All Moved!

I had been in the process of finding a new place, shack space my consideration; but not the XYL’s. Well we found a place within the same HOA as we had before and completed our move this past weekend. I’m getting settled into my new shack/home office. It’s going to take some time, but I should be back on the projects soon enough.

73, Anthony, KG5AXF



KE5RY went silent key a few days ago, I just found out last night. Kerry Friddell was a regular on the Saltgrass Link Network. He was my first contact on Saltgrass. I happen to be going to the airport late at night to pickup my daughter who was coming home from a summer job. I turned on my HT, put out my Monitoring call, and back came Kerry. I spoke to him pretty regularly, but then again he was happy to talk to anyone on the air. He did a lot for the hobby by not being discriminate on who he talked to or what about. He was an interesting person to just have some ragchew with. He will be missed.

Final call, CQ CQ CQ KE5RY…73 Kerry, KG5AXF, clear.

Software: CadSoft EAGLE

I’ve used Microsoft Visio for many years to create flow charts, diagrams, maps, etc and started to use it to design circuits. I quickly discovered that Visio has it’s limitations. Off I went to find an application that I could use to design my circuits and circuit boards. Everything I found was very expensive, considering I don’t like to pay for any software these days, or if it was free it didn’t have the functionality that I liked.

Enter CadSoft EAGLE. Continue reading

Project Gear: Motorola GM300

I just received a Motorola GM300 that I purchased on EBay. It’s very clean and powers up. Just waiting for an adapter for the antenna connector. This is a project radio. I’m going to use it for EchoLink, AllStar, and APRS. I’ll likely find other uses for it as well. It was only $40.00, so couldn’t pass it up. I’m going to make a pigtail for the options connector to plug into a breadboard. I also received an Arduino and the new Raspberry Pi 3 thanks to Amazon, so I’ll be coming up with ways to connect these devices.


Online Buying – Shipping Advice

Purchasing online is a huge risk when dealing with expensive items such as ham radio gear. I have a simple bit of advice that has served me well over the years that I’d like to pass on.

I’ve been into computer technology for years. When I first started buying through Ebay and other classifieds services I would occasionally get a dud. Either something was damaged, parts missing, what ever, which caused a debate with the seller who was always ready to blame the shipper. Or, a seller that drags their feet shipping the item or blames the shipper for losing the item. I quickly discovered an easy way to get a leg up in the argument. Continue reading