KG5AXFI am KG5AXF, Anthony, in Clear Lake City, Houston, Texas. I received my Amateur Radio Technician rating in March 2014. I originally obtained my license as a curiosity since I had been interested in ham radio several years ago.

Recently I have become very interested in digital modes and services such as HamNet. It makes a lot of sense considering I am an IT Project Manager with a background in WiFi network design, among other techie things.

Then I discovered that using the RaspberryPI could be used for many ham related things. This is just awesome considering that I have worked with linux for many years recreationally and professionally.

I decided to create this blog, because I have yet to find a really good source of information useful to a new ham. Sure you can join an amateur radio club, which I am a member of one, and find an Elmer to help you out. But, what I have discovered are:

  1. Elmers go to sleep to early. I tend be up later in the evening doing my research.
  2. I haven’t found any Elmer who is even vaguely interesting in digital modes. “If it’s not CW, why bother.”
  3. Most long time hams are pretty grumpy. Yes, this is a generalization, but if you are a newer ham you know exactly what I’m talking about.

By and large the ham radio community is wonderful. I have made a couple of friends in the area and chat pretty regularly on a few different repeaters. They are some very friendly people; despite the above…they know who they are.

So my intention is to post an article for each topic that I find of interest while I build my shack. I am particularly interested in building my own antennas.

Well, I hope you find my journey interesting and helpful. Please provide feedback and suggestions as you see fit.

73, Anthony, KG5AXF

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