Project Gear: Motorola GM300

I just received a Motorola GM300 that I purchased on EBay. It’s very clean and powers up. Just waiting for an adapter for the antenna connector. This is a project radio. I’m going to use it for EchoLink, AllStar, and APRS. I’ll likely find other uses for it as well. It was only $40.00, so couldn’t pass it up. I’m going to make a pigtail for the options connector to plug into a breadboard. I also received an Arduino and the new Raspberry Pi 3 thanks to Amazon, so I’ll be coming up with ways to connect these devices.


Review: The Easy Digi

Well, this is more of a preview than a review. Along with a couple of Raspberry Pi’s I ordered an assembled Easy Digi. The Easy Digi is an external sound card board. The one that I ordered is coming fully assembled. I want to see a working one before I experiment with the actual kit. You can find the kit on eBay for under $10.00 and fully assembled, tested, and with cables, for under $40.00. This is a huge price difference, $80.00 is the next cheapest one, from other units. Continue reading