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I am in the process of turning up one of my domains,, on a virtual private server (VPS). I wanted someplace to be able to publish my weather station data and a few other projects. I currently have a Raspberry Pi 2+ running Raspbian that is using WeeWx to collect data from an AcuRite personal weather station (PWS). WeeWx has a built in web server that publishes the weather station data. It also has the capability to publish to an external server. I am working on enabling that functionality which will be served by the VPS using the domain and KTXHOUST1920 is the Wunderground ID for my PWS.

Software: CadSoft EAGLE

I’ve used Microsoft Visio for many years to create flow charts, diagrams, maps, etc and started to use it to design circuits. I quickly discovered that Visio has it’s limitations. Off I went to find an application that I could use to design my circuits and circuit boards. Everything I found was very expensive, considering I don’t like to pay for any software these days, or if it was free it didn’t have the functionality that I liked.

Enter CadSoft EAGLE. Continue reading

OpenRepeater Project

I was looking for a Raspberry Pi project to work on when I stumbled across this gem. My actual intent was to find an autopatch implementation; which I did find, by the way. However, I came across this project to create a low cost, low power repeater system. I’ll post some comments after I read the material and browse the forums. Take a look for yourself.

OpenRepeater Project

Tutorial: Get Google Earth Pro for Free

I’ve been using Google Earth Pro for years at work. Since I do a lot of outside fiber plant and WiFi work I like using the overlays feature to drop site plans, heat maps, and LiDAR data into an easy to use and share platform.

It’s great looking up coordinates and measuring distances. I have often been told that everything Google Earth can do, Google Maps can do as well. Well in that case I have pointed out that they are not using Google Earth to its full potential. Once you start using Google Earth Pro, you will see the differences, particularly, the ability to share KMZ files.

Well, in case you weren’t aware, Google has allowed free licensing for Google Earth Pro. Just follow the link below.

Here are the steps to obtaining the Google Earth Pro software and how to set it up. Continue reading