Book Review – Learning the Art of Electronics: A Hands-On Lab Course 1st Edition

Learning the Art of Electronics: A Hands-On Lab Course 1st Edition

Paperback: 1150 pagesart-of-electronics-lab
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (March 2, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0521177235
ISBN-13: 978-0521177238
Product Dimensions: 8 x 1.6 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.7 pounds

If you are an electronics hobbyist or student you are likely to already be familiar with the textbook The Art of Electronics. The Art of Electronics is the current academic standard in teaching the principals of electronics at a college level. Last year they added this hands-on lab course. What I found most useful is that the lab book can actually stand on it’s own. You do not have to have or have-read the textbook.

This lab course book seems to have been written with self-study in mind. In fact, the lab course even explains basic principals. Through the book you will have many hands-on labs with full parts lists. Not only does the book cover principals, but it includes techniques and troubleshooting. You learn how to do diagnostics with oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and other tools.

I’d say this book is a must have for beginners/students and will easily be useful and fun for up to intermediate hobbyists. Advanced and Expert hobbyists may want this book for teaching or simply as a review reference.

Tutorial: Get Google Earth Pro for Free

I’ve been using Google Earth Pro for years at work. Since I do a lot of outside fiber plant and WiFi work I like using the overlays feature to drop site plans, heat maps, and LiDAR data into an easy to use and share platform.

It’s great looking up coordinates and measuring distances. I have often been told that everything Google Earth can do, Google Maps can do as well. Well in that case I have pointed out that they are not using Google Earth to its full potential. Once you start using Google Earth Pro, you will see the differences, particularly, the ability to share KMZ files.

Well, in case you weren’t aware, Google has allowed free licensing for Google Earth Pro. Just follow the link below.

Here are the steps to obtaining the Google Earth Pro software and how to set it up. Continue reading