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AMSAT North America News Feed

ARRL News Feed

Reddit: /r/HamRadio

  • Early inheritance from my grandfather who was trying clean up his house a bit. Where do I even start with this hobby?
  • Icom 7610 Markers RBW VBW and Beautiful Dual Scope
  • My grandfather, who was a Ham radio enthusiast, passed away recently.
  • Canada's Basic Qualification - self study?
  • Is this DMR or Packet radio, if so what protocol?
  • Where’s my SWR reading?
  • Looking to buy my first HF rig. Need opinions, please.
  • ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, to Retire
  • My 2m and 70cm yagi
  • So I heard this signal while tracking a satellite with my tape Measure yagi. I don't think it's the satellite because I was using a 2m yagi on a 70cm downlink, if anyone knows what signal this could you tell me.
  • Does anyone know what this is? Is it a transmission?
  • Can anyone recognize which antenna this is?
  • 1 Canoe, 1 Kayak, 1 Sked (between two portable stations on battery).
  • Anyone else leave the radio on overnight for signal monitoring and get direct calls on WSJT-X (FT8)? Started happening since the new year. Not before. I suppose they are using PSK reporter to ged grid squares.
  • Anyone have a separation kit for an ft-8500 they would part with?
  • [help] Pringles directional antenna
  • Got this at an auction couple years ago. Help?
  • A Plane, A Fish and a 40m Sked
  • XPOST: Yaesu VX-6R and Chirp Mac OS X Sierra
  • Need help with dual-band antennae mount for an Al truck canopy
  • Looking to buy a Radio for myself and a couple friends for hiking- questions about range.
  • My Ham-O-Can
  • New Technician Exam - July 2018???
  • Help with My inheritance!
  • Request for Owners Manual FT- 600

Reddit: /r/amatuerradio

  • Your Week In Amateur Radio / New Licensees [01/17/2018]
  • Weekly Net and Chat List
  • What is it like to operate FT8?
  • When you're left alone in space during the shutdown - Chris Hadfield
  • Source of inexpensive straight keys anyone?
  • 23cm band?
  • Western Mass Active repeaters?
  • Active Vancouver-area repeaters / nets?
  • Does not attract attention, at all.
  • Backpack V/UHF Mobile Antenna Ideas
  • This went up on a power pole near my house. Any idea what it is?
  • when ems crews need to use a local ham repeater
  • Found what look like aerial masts while out exploring, anyone know what they were used for?
  • Help optimize APRS setup (RX/TX I-Gate / Digipeter)
  • Seeking advice for mounting a mobile rig
  • Long distance FM reception
  • Y-stations - Stumbled over this one because of /u/urbex12345 ! Look at the photo
  • HP laptop power supply is really noisy
  • You guys working on morse can use this: JOYCE HAHN w/ VE2QS orch. - DAH-DI-DAH-DIT DAH-DI-DAH-DAH - C Q Serenade - 1960 Dayton Hamvention CQ
  • Air Bands
  • help shipping an old tube radio from Sicily!
  • Mobile Antennas in Winter
  • Clublog.org reports proportion of QSO modes used in 2017; rise of FT8 dominance is clear
  • Huge Coronal Hole Snakes Across Our Sun: Solar Storm Forecast 01-21-2018
  • Phoenix / Scottsdale AZ Repeaters ?
  • I think it's time to get a radio
  • RZR VHF UHF Dual Band Antenna Mount, Weld and Tune

Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) News Feed