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The Amateur Meteorologist


The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology

Back when I was studying weather as it relates to aviation, we used a textbook that I have come to swear by. That book is The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology by Frederick K. Lutgens and Edward J. Tarbuck. The book is available from your major bookstores and Amazon. The book can be a bit expensive since it is a college level textbook, but I was able to find copies on the Half Priced Books website. In my opinion, as an amateur/hobbyist, using an older edition at a lower cost is perfectly acceptable. Also consider that this particular author and/or distributor republishes this book every couple of years, so there really is no difference between 10th Edition and 13th Edition other than price. I own 10th edition.

Guide to Weather Forecasting

Among the two books that were recommended to me at a recent SkyWarn gathering, Guide to Weather Forecasting by Storm Dunlop was a recent purchase of mine from Amazon.

As recent events have shown, weather can have very different consequences depending on where you live. Guide to Weather Forecasting covers every aspect of making a forecast and is a handy resource to understanding the professionals’ daily weather predictions.

Storm Dunlop provides detailed information and expert explanations, including:

  • What causes weather
  • Weather systems and how they change
  • Recognizing clouds and sky appearance
  • Weather conditions, such as depressions, lows and highs, wind systems and direction, dew point, humidity, visibility, frost, anticyclones and snow
  • The readings meteorologists use when developing a forecast
  • Extreme weather and climate change

    Guide to Weather Forecasting also covers charts, satellite images and instruments that can be used at home. With its many color photographs and diagrams, handy glossary and useful index, this is an ideal quick reference for the amateur and semiprofessional weather forecaster.

Meteorology Manual: The Practical Guide to the Weather

Another book on my list is Meteorology Manual: The Practical Guide to the Weather, also by Storm Dunlop. I haven’t ordered this book yet since I already have a grasp on the basic concepts of weather, but it was recommended as a good starter reference, so I’m passing this on to you.